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Berrington/Aubrey Streets, Hereford

That part of the city that includes Aubrey and Berrington Streets has been identified as a possible cultural quarter in the revised masterplan for Hereford, in part due to the submissions we have made.

We had been working with one of the co-owners of the Bingo hall site in Berrington Street, to include a pottery workshop, fabric workshop, exhibition space and other facilities or workshops as part of a pre planning application for the site.

In response to a pre planning application, the Council have requested that the shape of the former Countess of Huntingdon’s Chapel in one corner of the site is recreated (at present most of its walls are missing). This has meant the owners are now looking to obtain maximum value from the site which they see as housing for sale. It is unlikely, therefore, that this project will be enabled to take place on this site.

But interest in the idea of an Artists and Makers Quarter and for Hereford to be identified as a ‘creative city’ continues to grow. we are therefore working with many organisation

Bingo Hall Site Plan

The Bingo Hall site in Berrington Street

Bingo Hall Facade

The facade of part of the Bingo Hall site in Berrington Street which could, in time, front workspaces for artists and makers