Date for your diaries – the Future of the High Street

The Future of the High Street –  a Left Bank Village Event
Date for your diaries – Wednesday 17 June 2020 7.30pm on the Left Bank talks web-site, the second in the series “High Town and beyond” where there will be discussions on the high street as not just an economic retail area but also as a vital invaluable social hub. Some say the High Street is on the way out. Shall we just take the path of least resistance, let it succumb to its fate and see where that gets us? Or, shall we get together and think about what we can do instead…More details will be published on:
In the wake of the recent announcement that the Council has agreed to buy Maylord Shopping Centre, the event promises to be an interesting evening.
The first talk, which was held on 6th  May was well attended, with an interesting and thoughtful presentation – see High Street – NH V1

HCLT is finalising a study of the historic buildings in the City centre, which we hope to make available shortly