Hereford Times Article 12th December 2019

HISTORIC buildings in Hereford could be turned into homes for needy families. By James Martin

A special survey is being carried out of historic buildings in the city centre that are being underused. Money has been made available to see if they can be converted into affordable homes.
Now a three-month project has begun to assess what buildings might be suitable.
Some of the people behind the idea say it could help make the city centre more vibrant. Hereford Community Land Trust (HCLT) has received a grant from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to fund the preliminary survey.
HCLT has worked with Herefordshire Centre for Community-Led Housing (HCLLH) to obtain the funding for the project.
Hereford based architect, Tom Mason, and historic building specialist Christian Montez are providing technical support.
Dr Jeff Beatty, chairman of HCLT said: “We are delighted to receive funds from the central government to take a fresh look at some of Hereford’s finest buildings, some of which are sadly under-occupied.”
Details will be announced as the project progresses.

Hereford Times 12th December 2019 page 37