Herefordshire Council’s Housing Strategy is out for Consultation

Herefordshire Council have updated their housing strategy and have put it out for consultation on line. Searching for ‘Herefordshire Council Housing Strategy Consultation’ should find it, whilst the full link is:

The response is by a questionnaire, making it easy to complete. There are sections on affordable housing, the links between health and housing, the quality of existing homes and bringing long-term empty homes back into use, reducing the negative impact that housing has on the environment, partnership working to meet particular needs, and on anything you think the strategy may have missed altogether.

HCLT’s board will be making its own response, but everyone is encouraged to make their own contributions, perhaps highlighting help that could be provided to CLTs as they are focussed on meeting local affordable needs, and encouraging their approach to development through wide discussion before submitting plans. Those are just our suggestions (and we have others)!

If anyone also wishes to raise an issue about the Strategy with us, then please email us at:

Please note that if responding, the questionnaire needs to be completed by 11th June.