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The Breinton Development

The Breinton Development

Breinton, Hereford


Breinton Charities are looking to see whether a piece of land they own on the edge of the city could be better employed in providing facilities and space to the local population, which includes seeing if some affordable housing to meet local needs could be built on part of the site. In doing this they wish to work with HCLT.

We have drawn up a Housing Needs Survey form, found someone capable and experienced in doing the resulting number crunching, and even found a way of having the forms distributed free of charge. However, we are still faced with a cost of some £1,200 (largely made up of the number cruncher/report writer’s time, the printing of the forms, and return envelopes and postage). We are currently working on raising the funds to cover this, from the Charities themselves, the parish council and elsewhere as necessary.

The housing needs survey should provide the information as to whether there is a demand from within the parish for affordable housing. If there is, then we and Breinton Charities will need to engage with those identified as seeking the accommodation, those who live nearby, together with other parishioners with a view of working out the overall community use of the land, and what style and number of homes we should seek to provide within this mix.