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Artists and Makers Quarter


Artists and Makers Quarter,

Berrington/Aubrey Streets, Hereford


That part of the city that includes Aubrey and Berrington Streets has been identified as a possible cultural quarter in the revised masterplan for Hereford, in part due to the submissions we have made.

Bingo Hall Site Plan

The Bingo Hall site in Berrington Street

Bingo Hall Facade

The facade of part of the Bingo Hall site in Berrington Street which could, in time, front workspaces for artists and makers

Costs of renovation and rebuilding on the Bingo Hall site in Berrington Street are making it unlikely that artists and makers quarters will be provided here, or that the site will create affordable housing.

However, interest in the creation of a ‘cultural Hereford’ to include facilities for artists and makers together with affordable housing continues to gather momentum. We are now working with a range of other organisations and individuals to continue to promote this idea and get a project off the ground.