Letter to Hereford Times – October 17th

Jeff Beatty, Chair of  HCLT wrote to the to Hereford Times, 17th October, 2019 to highlight the hidden homeless in Hereford

With reference to the comment section on 26th September welcoming the proposed conversion of Peacocks into student accommodation. Few would disagree that the conversion of unused retail space is a good thing and there is a probable additional need for student flats in addition to the new development at the station. However, this proposal, as other developments in the City, are not meeting the need for housing for the “hidden homeless” who cannot afford to rent a decent flat.
Hereford Community Land Trust, part of a national network, exists to provide affordable sustainable housing for rent. We are interested in working with public and private sector partners to increase Hereford’s housing stock while keeping the benefits within our community. If your readers are aware of any land or building that is vacant, please get in touch with us at herefordclt@gmail.com

Dr Jeff Beatty
Chair, Hereford Community Land Trust